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Masport AVA Series P60 Pressure Washer comes out on Top!

In early 2022, CHOICE® experts tested and reviewed electric pressure cleaners from leading brands to help consumers find the best model for their needs. Masport is proud to announce that CHOICE® has rated The Masport AVA Master P60 Pressure Washer the Best Performer in this category. The features for comparison were: ease of use, claimed water consumption, claimed operating pressure and cleaning performance.

Masport AVA Master P60 was rated the top performer with the highest CHOICE® expert rating. We are proud to have designed with passion and enthusiasm. We’ve listened to customers' needs, and monitored service and repair for several years. We have improved several aspects of the traditional pressure washer and removed many issues from the consumer feedback.

Masport AVA Master P60 is a large pressure washer, designed with a focus on ease of use. It is extremely stable and has onboard storage for most included accessories. Features include large, sturdy wheels, a handle at the back for carrying, a follow-me hose reel and smart storage options all over the machine. On the back, it has onboard storage for several nozzles, and the extendable handle features a built-in rest for the Zoom Lance, ensuring nozzles and other sensitive equipment stay away from dirt and helps to extend the lifetime of your products.


· Tilt resistant

· “Follow Me” hose reel

· Steel-reinforced rubber pressure hose

· High-quality 4-piston metal pump

· Easy to handle

· Onboard storage for all equipment

· Big, sturdy wheel and handle for carrying

· Great selection of after-market accessories

· Accessories included in the bundle – Zero-Force Pressure Gun, Water Filter, Hose Reel, Turbo Nozzle, 15° Nozzle, 20° / 60° Vario Nozzle, Zoom Lance, Foam Cannon and Patio Cleaner

· 7 Year Domestic Warranty (5 years as standard, plus additional 2 years upon online registration)


· Pressure: 145 bar (max)

· Motor/Power Wattage: 2100 watts (max)

· Cable Length: 5 metres

· Maximum Flow Rate: 500 l/h (8.3 l/m)

· Weight: 25kg


The CHOICE® Recommended program

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