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Robolinho 700E

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Smart, compact and agile. The Robolinho 700E takes care of your lawn automatically and quietly. The robotic lawnmower is extremely easy to install. State of the art software and a user friendly display make programming of the Robolinho simple. Capable of mowing in all weather conditions, the specially developed motion technology ensures efficient lawn care for up to 700m² while easily managing slopes up to 45% (24°). Quiet, emission free operation is delivered by the 60 dBA quiet electric motor, which receives its energy from a powerful 20V 2.25Ah lithium-ion battery. As a result, the robotic lawnmower can be operated discreetly day or night. Thanks to these innovative technologies, not only will your lawn be reliably mowed, but you will also have plenty of free time to kick back and relax.

  • The Robolinho robotic lawnmower is ready for use in just few steps: Set up and anchor the base station, lay the supplied boundary cable around the mowing area, secure it with ground nails, program the operating times, and that's it. The Robolinho will automatically return to its base station which is placed at the edge of the mowing area, in good time to recharge.
  • Cut & Mulch
  • 22cm cutting width
  • 60 dBA quiet electric motor
  • 1 x 20V, 2.25Ah Lithium-ion battery included
  • Up to 60 minutes mowing time
  • Reversible blade with left hand and right hand rotation ensures a longer blade service life
  • The clearly laid out control panel with display and large keypad makes for easier programming of the Robolinho. Simply enter the required times when the automatic lawnmower should operate, and leave it to work. Important information about the operating status is also available here
  • The Home key makes it possible to interrupt mowing at any time. When the key is pressed, the automatic mower returns to its base station.
  • The boundary cable only needs to be laid around the mowing area once. It will disappear under the grass surface in two to four weeks providing an invisible boundary for the Robolinho to work within. The installation pegs keep the cable on the ground however if you prefer you can also bury the cable down to a maximum of 6cm.
  • Robolinho lawnmowers detect obstacles and automatically avoids them. If it is an object with a minimum height of 4-5cm, the Robolinho drives against it, turns and starts mowing again in another (random) direction
  • Robolinho is secured by a PIN and PUK code, like a mobile phone. This code must be entered before commissioning, so it will be unusable for anyone who does not own the code.
  • Convenient variable height adjustment via rotary knob with cutting height indicator
  • Large rubber coated high grip tread rear wheels provide powerful traction and a good grip on the ground
  • Fully automatic mowing of lawns up to 700m²
  • Easy installation and operation
  • High manoeuvrability and light weight
  • Sleek base station with LED indicators displaying operating state
  • Automatic recharging
  • Soft front bumper for deck protection
  • Able to pass through gaps as small as 60cm
  • The boundary cable only needs to be laid around the mowing area once, then it reliably demarcates the working area.
  • The integrated rain sensor gives you the choice to allow the Robolinho to mow in the rain or take a break.
  • The cutting height adjustment can be set with just one hand motion - quickly and effortlessly.
  • Lifting and tilting sensors immediately stop the blades ensuring protection against injury. An emergency stop button on the housing also provides additional protection.
  • The four blade mulching system reduces debris build up in the deck, providing a perfect cut and saves the trouble of disposing of grass clippings.
  • 60 dBA quiet electric motor means that the Robolinho 700E can also be operated at night without disturbance to anyone.
  • Compact design, powerful lithium-ion battery, small turning circle and powerful drive
  • Engineered in Germany. Made in Austria.
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Batteries Included
  • Cordless
  • Mulching Capable
  • Rain Sensor
  • Specifications
  • Motor
  • Battery
  • Battery Type Required
  • 1 x 20V Lithium-ion
  • Battery Voltage (volts)
  • 20V
  • Battery Run Time
  • Up to 60 minutes
  • Charge Time (mins)
  • Up to 60 minutes
  • Mowing and Charging Time
  • 60 / 60 min
  • Cutting Width
  • 22cm
  • Cutting Height Range
  • 25mm - 55mm
  • Cutting System
  • 4 blade cutting and mulching
  • Wheel Type & Size
  • Two front roller and two rear rubber coated high grip
  • Weight
  • 10.3kg
  • Product Dimensions (W x H x L)
  • 400mm x 290mm x 600mm



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