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Mulching means less work, because when you mulch there is less weight to push and no stopping to empty the catcher.  The chassis design of a dedicated mulching mower and its special blade means it also naturally recycles your grass by re-cutting the clippings and feeding them back into your lawn. 

Combination (Combo) catch and mulch mowers are designed to have a special mulch plug inserted when mulching. This plug must be fitted correctly, snug and locked in with main flap closed down on it. This plug seals off the rear discharge area and is moulded to work effectively like a dedicated mulching mower. Subject to grass conditions these catch and mulch machines can produce a finish as good as a dedicated mulcher.

You will get varied results in different conditions when mulching so it’s important to consider the following for best performance. 

  • The grass is as dry as possible
  • The grass is not too long and heavy
  • When mulching it’s important to leave a good grass base on the lawn and mulch down to no more than a third of the grass height
  • Always keep the mower running at full revs and the mower blades very sharp
  • Mow your lawns regularly with a mulching lawnmower and to maintain even grass patterns, rotate your mowing direction 90 degrees with each mow


You will save on lawn fertilisers, watering, as well as time. Look for our dedicated mulching mower, combo, 3'N 1 and 4'N 1 models within the Masport range for this feature.